Carmen Bonilla, Autumn Yang

Writing/Research English 112

Mrs. Lucus

November 11, 2019


The worldly known game Scrabble is considered to be a popular brain game. A person who plays the game uses a lot of mental skills. Many may wonder how to play the game scrabble but it is actually quite simple. The objection of the game is to get the most points by coming up with words. To begin with, being able to play consist of having two to four players. A player has to keep up with the scores and tally up the points. Each team gets a rack and pick out seven letters from a bag that contains 100 letters. Then the players have to decide who goes first and put down a word. There a certain ways on how to put down a word so this game requires a lot of extra thinking. The next team has to build a word from the words on the board based of of the other teams starting word and so on. Scrabble isn’t just for fun, but can also educate you. 

There are many effects of playing the game scrabble. There are even theories that say playing games represents the fulfillment in areas of the psychological and emotional components. The game stimulates the brain to perform in a strategic way. Scrabble gets the player to be patient and think about what move they will do when they are in tough situations. Many students are taught to play scrabble for many reasons that are beneficial. For example, it helps grow their vocabulary, get them to think through complex thought processes, help them make decisions, and solve hard problems. In a research and study, they were split into two groups. One group has been just undergraduates and the other was a group of competitive scrabble players. By observing the brains and techniques of each group, Psychonomic Society was able to conclude that visual word recognition is gained and improved by experience. Because the game requires so much thinking and involves so many words, the experience of learning new words and using brain muscle helps. It’s important to know this because, for example, playing scrabble in class may seem pointless, but if someone were to actually think about it, playing scrabble is more than just a game. It helps shape word recognition and improve vocabulary. 

A larger project that could be concluded from this bibliography is probably a scrabble contest. Since scrabble involves words and vocabulary, there could also be a project for knowing a certain amount of words. Researching about the brain and about how the game helps shape word recognition is important. The project would definitely be in psychology. Psychology involves the study of thoughts, feelings, and basically the human mind. The effects of scrabble also involves how the brain thinks and memorizes words. Being educated about vocabulary is important because I’m the real life adults with better vocabulary tend to have better occupations. 

In conclusion, scrabble is a very beneficial game to play. The brain, muscles are being used in different ways when someone plays the game. To continue, the game expands the vocabulary of whoever plays it. It also allows the players to think through tough thought processes and be able to make decisions. In addition, it helps stimulate some brain areas that help retain memories and knowledge. The study that is mentioned proved that playing board games such as scrabble helps build better word recognition. Scrabble isn’t just played for fun, but also to improve better mental performance.


Hargreaves, Ian S., et al. “How a Hobby can Shape Cognition: Visual Word Recognition in

Competitive Scrabble Players.” Memory & Cognition, vol. 40, no. 1, 2012, pp. 1-7.


For this source I mainly used information from the introduction paragraph. In the introduction it talks about how scrabble includes word recognition experience. It then talks about an experiment that was done between a group of competitive scrabble players and undergraduates. The scrabble competitors and undergraduates were shown to only have differences in scrabble-specific skills. In the end result it says that “visual word recognition is shaped by experience, and that with experience there are efficiencies to be had even in the adult word recognition system”. 

Dvorsky, George. “Playing Scrabble Changes the Way You Use Your Brain.” Gizmodo, Gizmodo,                1 Oct. 2015,

For the source used, I mainly used the information for the second paragraph. The second paragraph talks about the effects of playing the game scrabble. It listed a couple of ways that the game scrabble has improved the brain muscles. In the articles, it mentions that some of the skills being used is word recognition, decision making, and problem solving. The game scrabble is a mental game that involves a lot of thought processes.

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