Reading Reflection

Carmen Bonilla

ENG 112, section 872 AC

Mrs. Lucus

30, September 2019

In my past I have conducted research. For example, in my many comparative study classes I have written a comparison-contrast research paper. I have also written a bibliography. When I was writing a bibliography I used informal research when I asked questions and used my own opinions on the matter. The Norton Field Guide to Writing indicates that academic writing is important and there are many ways to go about it. In many writings like research papers a writer needs to support there evidence with cited sources.

 The book says to make sure a writer has a purpose for writing the paper. He should be able to analyze what they are writing about. Also a writer should use a constructive strategy when writing a paper. For instance, in chapter 26 of The Norton Field Guide, it says “in academic fields, you need to use the same processes and strategies you’re asked to use in your writing classes.”(Bullock,305) The reason for this is because you are letting the reader understand your point in a mannerly supportive way. 

Reading for many fields of study can differ. Using different strategies can help the reader understand the context much better. A reader can take  notes in lectures to make sure that they understand the topic. Also knowing the vocabulary can help a reader a great deal in understanding what they are learning about in their specified field. It would be a great help if they could highlight key ideas in the text. Another great strategy that could help advance their understanding of the context is creating maps, timelines, or even writing fictional conversations of the topic to have a better understanding of what they are reading and learning.

To be able to write good, you will need to understand what you are writing about.Not all fields of study use the same type of writing formats. Being able to identify and project the writing needed for the course will create a path of success. By doing so, the reader can write about the topic without hesitation and most likely succeed with their writing. The main point of each field is to expand our knowledge by focusing on the subject.

In conclusion, having a purpose and a good strategy when reading will help a reader a lot to understand what is being read. There are many different forms of writing for each field of study in which each will need a reader to study for to comprehend and capture the information. Taking notes is way ro make understanding the passage much simpler. There are multiple ways to take notes and learn the subject of study. The key to writing successful, is to understand what you are writing about. 

Bullock, Richard, et al. Chapter 25: “Reading Across Fields of Study.” The Norton Field Guide to Writing with Readings and Handbook. 5th ed. Norton, 2019. pp. 294-304. PDF.

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