Reading Reflection

Carmen Bonilla ENG 112, section 872 AC Mrs. Lucus 30, September 2019 In my past I have conducted research. For example, in my many comparative study classes I have written a comparison-contrast research paper. I have also written a bibliography. When I was writing a bibliography I used informal research when I asked questions and [...]


Carmen Bonilla, Autumn Yang Writing/Research English 112 Mrs. Lucus November 11, 2019 Scrabble The worldly known game Scrabble is considered to be a popular brain game. A person who plays the game uses a lot of mental skills. Many may wonder how to play the game scrabble but it is actually quite simple. The objection [...]

Literary Analysis

<a href="https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35133922-educated Many people go through life changing experiences that shape one's life. People who came from families that were physically, emotionally, and mentally violent and chose not to do the same have suffered a lot. They learn from the ignorant, uninformed, and egocentric people and choose to be something better by educating themselves and [...]

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